The Flyover publishes essays, dispatches, listicles, etc. from writers residing in what is often disparagingly referred to as “flyover country” – from midsize Midwestern cities to desert metropolises to small towns in Oregon, and everything else between the coasts. If you have something to say about pop culture, music, American living, economics, your childhood, science, or whatever, and you live in an area that tends to be underrepresented in media bylines, we want to hear from you. Pitch us at write AT theflyover DOT net.

This website is a joint production of Luke Geddes and Steph Barnard. We grew up in Wisconsin (Wausau/Appleton/Oshkosh), called Wichita home for a few years, and now live in Cincinnati with a cat, a dog, and a sweet midcentury light fixture. Contact us at the email address above.

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