The Definitive Ranking of Twin Peaks Rip-Offs, Part 1: Northern Exposure

Like all rational people we here at The Flyover believe Twin Peaks to the single greatest work of art in the history of mankind, not least of which because David Lynch and Mark Frost’s surreal small town murder mystery (due for a Showtime revival in 2016) is set in a vibrant and distinct locale that is not New York or Los Angeles.Read More

Flyover Anthems: “Midwest Coast”

This could be our unofficial (or maybe official?) theme song: “Midwest Coast” by Cincinnati band The Harlequins.

From the video description: “The beach is a state of mind… The Harlequins and friends came out in the dead of winter in January 2011 to the historical Mockbee in Cincinnati, OH to have a rooftop beach party in the snow.” Sounds about right.… Read More